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About Us

Strengthening our Foodshed

The Hopi Food Co-op was formed in 2013 by local families, individuals, and youth who are passionate about supporting our foodshed.  

We are a community-owned co-op, we share responsibility and leadership to offer opportunities for our members to access local food while sharing and learning food knowledge from one another to increase local, healthy food sources for our community.

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What Do we Offer?


  • We host Workshops focused on 

    Hopi Seed Saving; Hopi Neeveni Gathering; Hunting/Butchering; and much more!
  • Food Classes/Demos with topics including preparing Traditional Hopi Foods


  • We build relationships with local farmers, gatherers, ranchers, and hunters for co-op members to access food via purchase, trade, or gifting.

  • We organize local bulk meat buying and coordinate member harvest/butcher.

  • We offer a Seasonal Bi-weekly CSA Share Program to support local farmers while connecting the community to healthy locally grown foods. We offer Discounted/Solidarity Share Options to Hopi Co-op Members


  • Sponsor & Support Hopi Naa'ya workparties focused on food preservation, gardening, farming, and much more!

  • Offer Community-wide Free Swap and Recycling Efforts

  • Co-sponsor the Hopi Farmers Market

  • Provide support to School Food/Gardening Programs


Hopi Food Co-op Members receive: 

  • ​First Access/Discounted Rate for Registration of Hopi Food Co-op Workshops

  • ​Access to Hopi Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Share Program: Discounted/Solidarity Share Options Available to Co-op Members

  • ​Able to order Bulk Organic Staples through the Azure Standard (quarterly)

  • ​Connection with local ranchers to access CSA Local Hopi Beef Share

  • ​Ownership and free use of Hopi Food Co-op Food Preservation Equipment

  • ​Access to Seed-swap (annually)

  • ​Access to bulk/wholesale pricing on transplants, seed potato, onion sets, etc.

  • Access to “​Free Cycle”​ swapping of gently used household items between members

  • ​Organizing and developing food sovereignty initiatives for the Hopi community

Image by Timothy L Brock

Treasurer  Pamela Lalo

Hopi Food Co-op Administrator

Susan Sekaquaptewa

SecretaryKendra Grathwohl

Lead Team Member

 Jacobo Marcus-Carranza

Hopi Food Co-op Leadership Support

Lilian Hill

Member Coordinator  Joannie Takala

Our lead team consists of an all-volunteer group of individuals that have taken leadership to develop the Hopi Food Co-op. 


The Hopi Food Co-op shares responsibility and leadership to offer opportunities to share and learn food knowledge from one another to increase local, healthy food sources for our community.

Hopi Food Co-op Leadership Support

Ryan Tafoya

Hopi Food Co-op Leadership Support

Alyssa Fredericks

Our All-Volunteer Lead Team!