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Frequently asked questions

How do I become a Hopi Food Co-op Member?

​The process is simple: 1. Fill out and submit application online or download, print and mail or email your completed application to hopifoodcoop@gmail.com. 2. Pay annual fee: $20 Individual - $30 Family
​Checks can be made out to Hopi Three Mesas Inc. and mailed to: c/o Hopi Food Co-op PO Box 986 Second Mesa, AZ 86043

What are my responsibilities as a Hopi Food Co-op Member?

* Attend monthly meetings to engage with other HFC members. ​* Volunteer at a Co-op Sponsored Event (i.e. Hopi Farmers Market, CSA Program, etc.) * Host, facilitate or note take at meetings. * Contribute to the Hopi Food Co-op Blog. * Organize and/or work at event(s) including our Seasonal Hopi Farmers Markets & CSA pick-up days.

What are the benefits to becoming a Hopi Food Co-op Member?

There are numerous benefits that you can access as a Hopi Food Co-op Member including:​ * First Access/Discounted Rate for Registration of Hopi Food Co-op Workshops
* ​Access to Hopi Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Share Program: with the option of receiving a Discounted or Free Solidarity Share
​* Able to order Bulk Organic Staples through the Azure Standard (quarterly)
* ​Connection with local ranchers to access CSA Local Hopi Beef Share
* ​Ownership and free use of Hopi Food Co-op Food Preservation Equipment
​* Access to Seed-swap (annually) * ​Access to bulk/wholesale pricing on transplants, seed potato, onion sets, etc. * ​Access to “​Free Cycle”​ swapping of gently used household items between members ​* Opportunity to help developing food sovereignty initiatives for the Hopi community * Gaining access to ​food related education events such as movie nights, presentations, and food demonstrations.

Do I have to live on the Hopi Reservation to become a member?

No, you do not have to reside on the Hopi Reservation to become a member. We welcome all who are interested in supporting us and becoming members to apply.

What if I am unable to fulfill my responsibilities as a Hopi Food Co-op Member?

There are many ways that you can contribute throughtout the year. Due to Covid-19 many of our meetings and workshops have gone virtual which makes it easy for you to be involved. Our member coordinator is happy to work with you to ensure that you are fulfilling your responsibilites to the Hopi Food Co-op in the best way possible.